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Update - Thursday, April 17, 2008

Guild vs. Guild

Skill Updates



  • Hex Breaker: changed skill type back to stance.
  • Fragility: decreased Energy cost to 5.
  • Fevered Dreams: decreased recharge to 8 seconds.
  • Chaos Storm: decreased Energy cost to 5.
  • Energy Surge: increased Energy drained to 1..10; decreased damage per Energy to 9.
  • Energy Burn: increased Energy drained to 1..10; decreased damage per Energy to 9.




  • Aegis: increased Energy cost to 15.


  • Disarm: decreased time that attack skills are disabled to 0..3 seconds; increased recharge to 20.




Bug Fixes


  • Implemented UI for trial accounts which displays the time remaining on the trial.

Guildwiki Notes

  • The Guild Wars online store in the character selection screen has changed its icon.
  • The Blood Henchman has disappeared from the Central Transfer Chamber (Intl districts).

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