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Update - Thursday, August 16, 2007

Skill Updates



  • Ancestors' Rage: decreased casting time to .25 seconds; removed Exhaustion; functionality changed to: "For 1 second, nothing happens. When this Enchantment ends, all foes adjacent to target ally are struck for 30..130 lightning damage."
  • Anguish: reverted skill to its original behavior.
  • Defiant Was Xinrae: reverted skill to its original behavior.
  • Disenchantment: reverted skill to its original behavior.
  • Dissonance: reverted skill to its original behavior.
  • Spirit Burn: functionality changed to: "Target foe is struck for 5..50 lightning damage. If any Spirits are within earshot, Spirit Burn causes Burning for 1..3 second(s)."
  • Wanderlust: reverted skill to its original behavior.
  • Wielder's Strike: increased recharge time to 6 seconds; decreased unconditional damage to 5..50; decreased conditional damage to 10..40; removed exhaustion.
  • Xinrae's Weapon: reverted skill to its original behavior.

Victory or Death Changes

  • Increased the total time between GvG matches in Automated Tournaments to 35 minutes. Games use a tie-breaker if not complete within 28 minutes, with an extra minute on either end for map loading or internet delays (total 30 minutes), and 5 minutes between each round to allow teams more time to organize.


Bug Fixes

GuildWiki Notes

  • Files that are being downloaded now decrement through each number instead of skipping number of files while downloading.

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