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Update - Thursday May 3, 2007

Audio Updates

  • Improved combat sounds for axes.

Hero Panel Update

  • Renamed the "Hero Battles" tab that is found in the Hero panel to "Account."
  • Removed the Tournament statistics from the top of the Hero Panel. This information is now found in the new Account tab.

Automated Tournaments

  • Made further preparations for the beginning of the first season of Automated Tournaments, which starts on Monday.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Heroes and henchmen from kiting in Hard Mode.


  • Made preparations for the Double Experience for Elite Skill captures weekend.
  • Changed the loading screens for many of the maps in the Battle Isles.
  • Chinese users can now add access keys to their accounts through the Character selection screen.

GuildWiki notes

  • Imperial Commendations have been reverted back to their original silver appearance in inventory.
  • When pinged, the Hard Mode icon now says "This is Hard Mode!" rather than "We're in Hard Mode!"
  • In addition to loading screen changes on the Battle Isles, the character select screen background for the region has been changed.
  • The German and Spanish messages for using lockpicks are now properly translated.
  • The French messages for losing or restoring connection with the server are now properly translated.
  • Spellcasting item inscriptions now have a two-color, copper appearance.

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