Gallow Nooseknitter
Gallow Nooseknitter
Species: Spider
Profession: Ranger
Level(s): 28
Riven Earth (east)


Gallow Nooseknitter is a Ranger boss located in Riven Earth.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • There are always 2 Lifeweavers near him and when you step closer, another group of about 5 spiders will spawn and begin to fight you. It is recommended to kill all these surrounding spiders before engaging Gallow himself, making the fight much easier.
Anomaly Anomaly! Although the usual message "Defeat Gallow Nooseknitter!" will appear when you attack any of the surrounding spiders, Gallow is actually not linked to any of the groups and will not come forward to help them, therefore you can clear the area around before aggroing him.


  • Gallow Nooseknitter is one of the bosses included in the Brand the Boss 2007 contest. It was named by Will Bonner (Hustler Warrior) of the United States.

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