This is an ongoing effort to improve GuildWars Wikia's armor galleries.

Recently, a new image parameter called "Nohelmet = yes" was added to the armor art template

It enables showing an additional picture of a full dyed set without the helmet shown.
The purpose of this picture is to show how some sets that have headgear that hides hair and/or face look without the corresponding helmet.

Many galleries are still incomplete or lack proper images

There are quite a few galleries that still have missing images for different views or fail to comply with the Style and formatting guidelines of GuildWars Wikia and need updating badly.

How can I help?

For coders
  • Visit the Armor art gallery template and learn how to implement the new "Nohelmet = yes" parameter into galleries
  • Look through the galleries and add this parameter to any armor set that has a helmet that hides face and/or hair and thus has a strong optical variance depending on whether the helmet is displayed or not. This includes basically all Warrior and Ritualist, most Dervish and some Ranger and Assassin armor.
  • Look through the galleries and add the "Update-reason = <reason>" (replace <reason> with the proper reason) to armors:
For uploaders
  • If the images are missing: Click the red links in a specific gallery to upload the according image
  • If the images need updating: Click on the according image and search for Upload a new version of this file, upload the updated image.
  • When the updated gallery complies with the style and formatting guidelines, edit the armor gallery code and remove the "update-reason" parameter. If you do not know how to do this, please leave a notice on the talk page of this project here.

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