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Gaki are wild creatures found in the Echovald Forest. They resemble the classic Greek Mythology creatures known as Satyrs who are a mix between a human and a goat. Gaki have the hind-quarters of a goat, then the torso of a human and their heads resemble the head of a goat with horns. They manage to stand and walk upright despite their goat-like hind legs. They are thought by many Kurzicks to be but a myth.

RegionTypeCollectable Drop
Factions Campaign
Echovald ForestRitualist-icon-small22 Pain Hungry Gaki
Ritualist-icon-small22 Skill Hungry Gaki
Skull Juju
Urgoz's Warrennone1n/a
  1. Although they look like Gaki, Thought Stealers are actually Vampires.

For a list of all Gaki, including quest-specific gaki and gaki bosses, see Category:Gaki.


  • Although they resemble satyrs, the Gaki are probably named after the hungry ghosts of Japanese Buddhism.

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