1. Make arrangements with Korvus to perform Norgu's Nightfall.

Obtained from

Norgu in Throne of Secrets


Abaddon's Gate (mission)
Norgu was not unlocked from the quest Brains or Brawn


  • 2,500 XP
  • Norgu joins your party.


"I remember you from Vabbi, yes? That's precisely what I thought. I'm writing a play about your adventures called "Norgu's Nightfall." To write it, though, I need to hear the real stories! I'd like to join your troupe, interview you, and get the real story for my play. But, first you'll need to go sign an agreement in Honur Hill so I can write it without worrying about the silly things like... oh... royalities. Will you do that?"
Accept: "Of course I'll sign away my rights. This is for posterity, right?"
Reject: "No way. I know how this works. I sign and three months from now I'm played by a guy in a gorilla suit."
When asked about quest: "You still need to go see Korvus in Honur Hill and sign that agreement so I can write your play!"

Reward Dialogue

"You're here to sign the contract for Norgu's play? Excellent. I'm looking foward to seeing "Norgu's Nightfall." I just hope it's not another play about food."


Norgu's Nightfall


After you receive the quest, talk to Korvus in Honur Hill to receive the reward.

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