GG, or gg, is an abbreviation for "good game":

  • Normal use: It is used very commonly at the end of GvG, HA, or arena matches to indicate that the game has been fun.
  • Ironical use: Many players also use GG at the end of an especially bad match.
  • Instead of end: Since GG is used at the end of matches, it is sometimes used to indicate the end. For example, a player might type GG after a monk leaves during a hard mission to indicate that the party is no longer able to finish the mission.
  • The Zaishen, in the Zaishen challenge, say "gg" after beating a team; often to the annoyance of their human opponents. They also say it during a match in which they kill at least one enemy team member, but never when they are beaten flawlessly.

Some people say "gg" (pronounced "jee jee") ironically over voice chat instead of "good game". This is similar to the ironically hip usage of other internet slang such as "LOL" (pronounced "lawl") or "heart" in actual speech.

"GG" can also refer to the Elementalist skill Glowing Gaze or the Dervish skill Grenth's Grasp.

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