Fungal Bloom
Fungal bloom
Species: Plant
Profession: Paragon
Level(s): 20


Paragon monster in EotN. The Fungal Bloom is a stationary monster, like the Destroyer Tremor. However, the Fungal Bloom is also a mother monster; it spawns Fungal Spores when threatened. Fungal Spores are themselves are not terribly threatening, but they float and are mobile. When Fungal Spores are in turn threatened they cast Fungal Explosion and transform into Parasitic Growths. Parasitic Growths are stationary like the Fungal Blooms, but cast Elementalist spells.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • Care must be taken in confronting a group that contains more than one Fungal Bloom. The eventual accumulation of Parasitic Growths will create overlapping wards and protections, that augment the effectiveness of the Fungal Bloom's Paragon powers.

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