Frost Wurm
Frost Wurm
Species: Wurm
Profession: Warrior/Necromancer
Level(s): 24


Frost Wurms are the wurms of the Shiverpeak Mountains. The northern variety are much larger as well as much more dangerous, they will erupt from the ground and spray their targets with an extremely potent bile to wear them down before smashing into their targets with their large maws.

This is a burrowing wurm - see Wurm (Species) for details.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • After popping up, they will always cast their spells first before using their powerful melee attacks. They will not cast spells if there are no targets within its melee range and burrow into the ground after a few seconds.
  • Frost Wurms have an attribute rating of 14 Curses.
  • Though they do not use any Warrior skills, they have been observed to drop Warrior tomes in Hard Mode, confirming that they are Warriors.


  • Southern Shiverpeak Frost Wurms are much smaller than most other types of Wurms. The Frost Wurms of the Far Shiverpeaks are far larger than their southern counterparts, equal in size with the Sand Wurms of the Crystal Desert.
  • Due to their much smaller size, it is likely they are based on the Frost Wurms of D&D as opposed to the sand worms of Dune.

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