Species: Elemental
Profession: Monk or
Level(s): 19, 20 (29)

Freezie in Secret Lair of the Snowmen


The Elementalist version of Freezie is created during the quest the Greatest Snowman Ever Made, and is then found in Nebo Terrace. Killing him completes In Grenth's Defense. The Monk version of Freezie is encountered in The Underworld during In Grenth's Defense and in the Eye of the North quest Lost Treasure of King Hundar.

Quests Involved In


Level 19 Monk

Level 20 Elementalist

Skills Used

Nebo Terrace

The Underworld, and Secret Lair of the Snowmen


(only in Nebo Terrace)

  • "You're on thin ice with Freezie!"
  • "Freezie says: you need to chill!"
  • "Snowbody messes with Freezie!"
  • "'Tis the season for slaying Grentches!"



"Hi mortal! I am Freezie, the greatest snowman ever made! It seems that all those magic bits you made me out of turned out to be a potent combination! Don't worry if I melt, I'll be back again next year!
Meanwhile, let's go spread some Wintersday joy to those Grentches and Humbugs!"

Secret Lair of the Snowmen:

"This is a sacred and holy place. For your trespass you shall be punished with icy snowballs...of death! Right in the eye!"


  • The level 19 version of Freezie in the Underworld has a projectile attack which inflicts 18 damage vs AL 60 targets. Freezie will use this while his other skills are disabled by "Mmmm. Snowcone!".
  • The level 19 version of Freezie doesn't use any Monk skills, but has a Monk boss aura and in hard mode can drop elite monk tomes.



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