Forgotten Guardian
Forgotten Guardian
Species: Forgotten
Level(s): 20
Portal Tyria
Location in The Arid Sea
Portal Elona
Location in Crystal Overlook
Tyria and Elona combined


The Forgotten Guardians are the guardians of the teleporter that connects Tyria and Elona in the Crystal Desert.



In the Arid Sea:

"This portal leads to the Desolation, a deadly wasteland shrouded in poisonous sulfur mists. You do not have the means to survive in such a place so I cannot grant you passage."
Player response: "I want to travel to the Desolation of Elona." (only if meet the requirements, see Notes)
"This portal will take you to Crystal Overlook, inside the Desolation in the north of Elona. I can sense your command over the junundu, a very rare talent indeed these days. As you will have no problems traversing the sulfurous wastes, you may travel there if you wish."
Accept: "We are ready." (transports entire party to Crystal Overlook)
Reject: "We are not ready yet."

In the Crystal Overlook:

"This portal leads to the sacred Crystal Desert of Tyria. I cannot allow you to pass unless you are familiar with its dangers."
Player reponse: "I want to travel to the Crystal Desert of Tyria." (only if meet the requirements, see Notes)
"I sense you have a purpose in the Crystal Desert. This portal will lead you to the Arid Sea. Are you ready to travel there?"
Accept: "We are ready." (transports entire party to the Arid Sea)
Reject: "We are not ready yet."


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