2009-09-14: Forest Minotaur Horns


Getting to Nick

Nicholas the Traveler is located in Kessex Peak, on the West Coast, roughly north of Verata the Necromancer's location. See the map for details.

Farming for Forest Minotaur Horns

Nicholas the Traveler farm 20090914

Reaching the minos

  • Suggested Farm #1: Exit the Temple of the Ages, heading southwest to a resurrection shrine, then south along a ridge which will force you to go to the East towards the Kessex Peak portal. As you approach the portal, you'll find about 12-18 of the Minotaurs with another 6-10 past the portal. Rezone through the portal.

Threats & Recommended Skills

  • Tactics: Any anti-melee team will make short work of the minos. An especially effective method is to use a Tank to ball up the beasts and drop them quickly with strong AoE skills such as Meteor Shower.
  • Threats: The minotaurs themselves are not much of a threat; they only have a strong melee attack. However, reaching them requires making your way through Reed Stalkers and various Undead, some of whom use Mark of Subversion.
  • Recommended Skills: Bring counters to poison (from the swamps) and to hexes (from the Undead). Alternatively, you can bring 1-2 quick healing spells or spirits. Alternative, L20 players and heroes can ignore any non-minotaur foe and run (or walk quickly) to the farm and/or to Nick.

Solo Farming

Nicholas the Traveler farm pic 20090914

Try to round up as many foes as you can before attacking.

  • Run to the minotaurs (you should be able to safely ignore the few enemies on the way). For AoE builds, ball up as many minotaurs as you can before attacking.
  • If your soloist has trouble reaching the minotaurs, bring a full h/h party to help you reach the spot and then flag the heroes out of loot range.
  • These standard builds will be successful: 55 Spoil Victor, 600/Smite, 130 Dervish, Perma-Sliver, Spirit Spammer
  • These non-standard/older builds also work well: Raptor Farmer, Raven Blessing.

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