Forest Griffon
Forest Griffon
Species: Griffon
Level(s): 28


Forest Griffons are magical beings that live in the Forest of the Wailing Lord in the Fissure of Woe. In the quest A Gift of Griffons, they are given as a gift from the Wailing Lord to Balthazar to show respect and make amends for hindering Balthazar's operations in the Forest. Players are to protect them and escort them to the Tower of Courage.

Quests Involved In



  • If any of the Griffons should die, your party is defeated and forced to leave the Fissure. It is wise not to approach them before clearing the trail back to Rastigan, as one well placed Spiteful Spirit could kill them all. They are even more difficult to heal because they do NOT appear as allies in your party window. Taking Heal Area and it's faction cousin may be useful if your group decides to fight through the mobs.

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