The Forbidden Path (also known as The Path of the Zaishen Elite) connects the Zaishen Challenge with the Zaishen Elite.

It is called the "Forbidden" Path because only fighters who have proven themselves worthy in the Zaishen Challenge may walk the Path and enter the Zaishen Elite refuge.

From the side of the Zaishen Challenge the Path is blocked by a gate, guarded by a Guard of the Isles. The Guard will only let you pass if you have the quest The Path of the Zaishen Elite on your Quest Log. Otherwise he will refuse to talk to you.

The path is winding through the mountains, along some beautiful scenery. It is rather well hidden sometimes. If you get lost, follow the instructions given by Challenge Master Rioka.

It is not required to take this Path every time you wish to go to Zaishen Elite. Once completed for a first time, the Zaishen Elite area will be open to map travel.

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