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Focus Core
Focus Core
Upgrade component
Rarity Common
Value 0 Gold
Stackable No
Campaign Core

A Focus Core is the suffix upgrade for focus items.


  • Focus Cores can be found on any focus with a rarity of blue, purple, or gold. If, after being identified, the focus's name ends with one of the modifiers listed below, then it contains a corresponding Focus Core.
  • The Focus Core can be salvaged from the original item using an Expert Salvage Kit or equivalent.

Available modifiers

Focus Cores can be found with a variety of modifiers, summarized below. The name of a specific Focus Core will identify its modifier, e.g. Focus Core of Fortitude.

Modifier Effect
of Aptitude Halves casting time of spells of item's attribute (Chance: 10...20%)
of Swiftness Halves casting time of spells (Chance: 5...10%)
of Fortitude Health +10...30
of Devotion Health +30...45 (while Enchanted)
of Endurance Health +30...45 (while in a Stance)
of Valor Health +45...60 (while Hexed)


  • Focus Cores were introduced in the Nightfall campaign, thus they can only be found on focus items that drop in Nightfall and the Eye of the North expansion.
  • Focus Cores can only be applied to inscribable focus items.

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