Flame Spitter
War Axe
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s):Axe Mastery
Damage type(s):Slashing damage


The Flame Spitter is an axe with a wooden handle and a simple metal blade. It is a 'unique' type of axe, as it can only be acquired from Nicanor Gannel in Pockmark Flats in Prophecies.

This axe is sometimes used by spellcasters for its 10% skill recharge mod, and is used by some people as an alternative to the Denravi Sword for farming.

Other axes with this appearance:

Weapon Stats

Fiery Flame Spitter

  • Fire Damage 6-16 (Requires 3 Axe Mastery)
  • Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 10%)
  • Armor -10 (while attacking)


The Fiery Flame Splitter is a collector axe available from Nicanor Gannel in Pockmark Flats (just east of Fort Ranik) in exchange for 3 Scorched Lodestones. Despite some rumors, his appearance is not related to favor in any way.


The hilt changes according to the color of the dye. However, the change is minimal.


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