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Fiery Blade Axe
Fiery Blade Axe
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s):Axe Mastery
Damage type(s):Fire damage
Common:Iron Ingots, Wood Planks
Rare:Steel Ingots


The Fiery Blade Axe is a type of axe that appears to be made of milky orange crystal as well as an ivory haft. Like the Fiery Dragon Sword, this axe comes with a built-in Fiery axe haft that cannot be salvaged or replaced.

This axe also has an icy counterpart, the Icy Blade Axe, although that weapon has a slightly different appearance.


Nightfall Campaign

Eye of the North Expansion


Dye only affects the handle. Its default color is Yellow.

Fiery Blade Axe colored

Uniques with this appearance


  • The Fiery Axe Haft mod cannot be replaced with any other type of axe haft.
  • The axe head of this skin is always virtually 2-dimensional - that is it looks like a thin line when viewed from the side.

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