Exuro's Will
Exuro's Will
Unique weapon details
Linked attribute(s): Fire Magic
Damage type(s): Fire
Dropped by: Exuro Flatus
Skin: Bedlam Staff (PvP reward)

Exuro's Will is a unique item dropped by Exuro Flatus in the Domain of Secrets.

Weapon stats


Collector / Weaponsmith counterpart


  • This staff shares the same stats as the Fire Magic version of Deldrimor Staff (unique). It also has the same stats as the Prismatic Staff and the Everlasting Shadow Staff but with Energy Storage in place of Fire Magic.
  • Holding the staff at an angle will reveal a demonic face in the flames of the head. This face resembles the skill icon for Mind Blast, which is also the elite skill of the boss which drops this item.
  • Interestingly, dropping the staff on the ground gives it a black appearance as opposed to its normal red color.

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