Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Factions.

Effect details
Extensive Plague Exposure
Extensive Plague Exposure
Campaign: Factions
Type: Environment Effect

Prolonged contact with the plague causes accumulated -1 Health degeneration every 60 seconds.


  • This environmental effect occurs in Dragon's Throat (mission)­.
  • This effect does not coincide with the storyline: The "plague" affecting Cantha is not a disease at all, much less contagious. The only way to become Afflicted with it is to come into close contact with the spirit of Shiro Tagachi. It is most likely this effect was used to prevent players from remaining in the mission for long periods of time.
Anomaly Anomaly! This does not affect Heroes.
Anomaly Anomaly! Degeneration accumulates faster than -1 per minute. The rate it increases seems to accelerate as time goes on, averaging around -1 per 20 seconds.

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