Evirso Sectus
Species: Titan
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 28
Evirso Sectus location

Location of Evirso Sectus


Evirso Sectus is a Titan Lord building an army in Mineral Springs to attack Droknar's Forge. Defeating him is the main goal of the Defend Droknar's Forge quest. Like the Titans found in Hell's Precipice, standing near him will cause burning.


Skills used


  • His name is Latin, 'Evirso' is derived from 'eviro' which means 'to unman', 'to emasculate' and 'Sectus' is derived from 'seco' which means 'to cut', 'to separate' or 'to dismember'. As both words are participles, there is no correct word-by-word translation. It could however translate roughly into 'an unmaned/emasculated separated one' or maybe 'I unman the separated/dismembered'. A translation more accurate to the meaning would be "one who divides and conquers" or possibly "I divide and conquer".

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