Essence of Turtle
Essence of Turtle
Species: Celestial
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 20 (26)


Essence of Turtle is a celestial that spawns throughout the Nahpui Quarter mission after killing the celestial boss Kuonghsang.


Skills Used

Items Dropped


  • For certain parties, Essences of Turtle are probably the most troublesome of the celestial essences (assuming you leave Hai Jii for last). They exploit corpses with Well of Weariness (which makes life difficult for Minion Masters) and can strip enchantments with Gaze of Contempt (which bothers Protection Monks). Their use of Grenth's Balance when they are about to die can also be a nuisance. If your party includes an interrupter, they should concentrate on the turtles.

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