Erasklion the Prolific
Erasklion the Prolific
Species: Plant
Profession: Paragon
Level(s): 28


Erasklion the Prolific is a Paragon boss.


Erasklion the Prolific location

Skills used

Items dropped

Bogroot Growths

Erasklion in the Master Dungeon Guide


  • The boss is surrounded by a Parasitic Growth, Fungal Spores, and Nettle Spores
  • When you get within aggro range of this boss or the Spores, all the Fungal Spores will surround Erasklion The Prolific, whilst the Nettle Spores will not.
  • There are two poison dart objects in front of the boss.
  • Once defeated Fungal Spores spawn from where the party came.
  • The picture of Bogroot Growths in the Master Dungeon Guide shows Erasklion, though he is not there.

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