Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of the Factions campaign.

Envoys are shepherds of the souls of the dead that serve the Oracle of the Mists due to their wickedness in their former lives. They appear after someone dies to lead their soul from the mortal lands to the Mists.

While Envoys have immense power, they do not directly manipulate the mortal realm. If they desire to change the mortal realm, they usually inhabit constructs or use mortals as the agents of their plans. (It must be noted that Envoys do have the ability to interact with the mortal realm directly, as Shiro proved when he slew Master Togo. Envoys also have the power to use the spirits of the dead entrusted to their care however they wish.

In lore, the envoys were once mortal, and criminal in life. They have been bound to the job of shepherding souls as punishment. This is rumored to be why Shiro Tagachi becomes an Envoy upon death... though he does not accept it like the others do.

It is strongly hinted that Envoys do not naturally ally with other Envoys. However, some of the Envoys have allied together to stop Shiro Tagachi from destroying the balance of the universe.

The apparitions of some Envoys appear at several key points in the Factions storyline to guide the players.

For a list of all Envoys, see Category:Envoys.


  • Envoys would be referred to in real-life lore as psychopomps.

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