Engineer Xapp
Engineer Xapp
Species: Asura
Level(s): 20


Engineer Xapp was part of a unit of Dwarves lead by Captain Sargen who were sent into Raven's Point to clear out the Destroyers in that area. When his group came under siege, Xapp fled to the surface to seek help.

Quests Involved in



Inside Raven's Point dungeon:

"Most curious! This domain is filled with defensive traps long since deactivated by the Norn. I'm sure I can get them up and running."

When getting the First Level Dungeon Key:

"How utterly fascinating! Those enormous savages have fabricated something quite remarkable. Could this structure, perchance, be drawing the attention and ire of the Destroyers?"
"If my postulations are precise and this sanctuary is, indeed, a rallying point for invading Destroyers, then we shall need to expedite our descent. Otherwise, Captain Sargen's group shall be caught betwixt and between."
"Regrettably, the conundrum of what draws the Destroyers here must await another day. Every dwarf we save today puts another obstacle between me and danger tomorrow."


While repairing defensive traps:

"I can rebuild this. I have the technology."
"A crystal here, some essence there, a little mage wheel...Destroyers beware!"


The quote "I can rebuild this. I have the technology." is likely a reference to the opening narration of the 1974 television show The Six Million Dollar Man, in which a test pilot is crippled and is rebuilt with nuclear powered limbs and implants to become a spy.

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