Species: Human
Profession: Elementalist
Level(s): 10


Enelora is the ex-wife of Zenos.

Quests Involved In



In Silent Surf:

"Zenos may claim to be a great adventurer... or perhaps "explorer," that seems to be his preference. But I'll tell you the truth, even if he won't. He would have gotten himself killed long ago... killed and eaten, probably, if not for my skills and support. And now the old fool is planning another adventure, without me. Mark my words, this expedition of his is doomed, even if he finds what he's looking for. Especially if he finds what he's looking for, in fact."

In Gyala Hatchery explorable:

"I loved him, once, but now he just drives me mad. Zenos is on his own. And I'm not too fond of you, either, (character name)."

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