Prophecies Elite skill locations'

Dragon's Gullet▢ (Q) Energy Drain
▢ (Q) Panic
North Kryta Prov.
Maguuma Jungle
Tangle Root
Crystal Desert
Prophet's Path
Dunes of Despair (M)Mantra of RecoveryEther Renewal
Thirsty River (M)Mantra of RecoveryEther Renewal
Elona Reach (M)Mantra of RecoveryEther Renewal
Salt Flats▢ (Q) Crippling Anguish
Dragon's Lair (M)Mantra of RecallLightning Surge
S. Shiverpeaks
Lornar's PassCrippling AnguishWater Trident
Dreadnought's Drift
Snake DanceIllusionary Weaponry
Mantra of Recall
Mind Shock
Mist Form
Grenth's FootprintCrippling AnguishWater Trident
Sorrow's FurnaceCrippling Anguish
Talus ChuteIllusionary WeaponryMist Form
Glimmering Mark
Ice Caves of Sorrow (M)Crippling AnguishWater Trident
Witman's FollyEnergy DrainGlimmering Mark
Mind Freeze
Ice FloeEnergy Drain
Energy Surge
Mind Freeze
Thunderhead Keep (M)Crippling Anguish#Thunderclap
Water Trident
Frozen ForestCrippling AnguishWard Against Harm
Water Trident
Iron Mines of Moladune (M)Energy Surge
Illusionary Weaponry
Mist Form
Spearhead PeakKeystone Signet
Energy Drain
Glimmering Mark
Mind Freeze
Mineral SpringsIneptitudeGlyph of Energy
Mist Form
Ring of Fire
Perdition RockEcho
Power Block
Signet of Midnight
Glyph of Renewal
Elemental Attunement
Obsidian Flesh
Ring of Fire (M)Energy Surge
Ether Prodigy
Mist Form
Abaddon's Mouth (M)Energy Surge
Fevered Dreams
Mist Form
Hell's Precipice (M)PanicMind Burn

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