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Prophecies Elite skill locations

Dragon's Gullet▢ (Q) Eviscerate▢ (Q) Greater Conflag.
▢ (Q) Melandru's Resil.
▢ (Q) Wither
▢ (Q) Life Transfer
North Kryta Prov.▢ (Q) Wither
Maguuma Jungle
Tangle Root▢ (Q) Wither
Crystal Desert
Prophet's PathMark of Protection
Dunes of Despair (M)Warrior's EnduranceMarksman's WagerWord of HealingOrder of the Vampire
Thirsty River (M)Warrior's EnduranceMarksman's WagerWord of HealingOrder of the Vampire
Elona Reach (M)Warrior's EnduranceMarksman's WagerWord of HealingOrder of the Vampire
Salt Flats
Dragon's Lair (M)Gladiator's DefenseMelandru's Resil.Shield of RegenerationGrenth's Balance
S. Shiverpeaks
Lornar's PassDefy PainLife BarrierOffering of Blood
Dreadnought's DriftFeast of Corruption
Snake DanceEarth Shaker
Battle Rage
Punishing Shot
Peace and Harmony
Spell Breaker
Signet of Judgment
Blood is Power
Spiteful Spirit
Grenth's FootprintDwarven Battle St.Melandru's ArrowsMark of ProtectionFeast of Corruption
Offering of Blood
Sorrow's FurnaceBull's Charge
Dwarven Battle St.
Melandru's ArrowsMark of Protection
Talus Chute"Victory is Mine!"
Battle Rage
Poison Arrow
Signet of Judgment
Unyielding Aura
Spiteful Spirit
Plague Signet
Ice Caves of Sorrow (M)CleaveMark of ProtectionOffering of Blood
Witman's Folly"Victory is Mine!"Poison ArrowUnyielding AuraPlague Signet
Ice FloeDevastating HammerOath ShotAura of Faith
Signet of Judgment
Life Transfer
Thunderhead Keep (M)Cleave
Devastating Hammer
Melandru's Arrows
Oath Shot
Aura of Faith
Mark of Protection
Life Transfer
Offering of Blood
Frozen ForestCleave
Defy Pain
Melandru's ArrowsLife Barrier
Mark of Protection
▢ (Q) Grenth's Balance
Offering of Blood
Iron Mines of Moladune (M)Cleave
Devastating Hammer
Dwarven Battle Stance
Oath Shot
Mark of Protection
Signet of Judgment
Life Transfer
Spiteful Spirit
Spearhead Peak"Victory is Mine!"
Skull Crack
Ferocious Strike
Poison Arrow
Unyielding AuraPlague Signet
Mineral SpringsFlourishPracticed StanceShield of JudgmentWell of Power
▢ (Q) Wither
Ring of Fire
Perdition Rock"Charge!"
Bull's Charge
Quick Shot
Crippling Shot
Healing Hands
Lingering Curse
Tainted Flesh
Ring of Fire (M)Backbreaker
Devastating Hammer
Incendiary Arrows
Oath Shot
Spike Trap
Aura of Faith
Shield of Deflection
Life Transfer
Abaddon's Mouth (M)Devastating HammerBarrage
Oath Shot
Aura of Faith
Restore Condition
Life Transfer
Soul Leech
Hell's Precipice (M)Eviscerate
Hundred Blades
Greater ConflagrationAura of the Lich

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