Nightfall Elite skill locations

Location Paragon Dervish
Cliffs of Dohjok ▢ (Q) Crippling Anthem ▢ (Q) Vow of Strength
Issnur Isles
Consulate Docks (M) Cautery Signet Pious Renewal
Marga Coast Avatar of Melandru
Grenth's Grasp
Secure the Refuge ▢ (Q) Cruel Spear
Arkjok Ward Cruel Spear Avatar of Grenth
Barbarous Shore Crippling Anthem Vow of Strength
Dejarin Estate Cautery Signet Avatar of Dwayna
The Floodplain of M. ▢ (Q) Grenth's Grasp
Jahai Bluffs Defensive Anthem Avatar of Balthazar
Kodonur Crossroads (M) Cautery Signet Pious Renewal
Pogahn Passage (M) Cautery Signet
Rilohn Refuge (M)
Moddok Crevice (M) Cruel Spear
Bahdok Caverns Focused Anger Zealous Vow
Sunward Marches Reaper's Sweep
Avatar of Lyssa
Turai's Procession
Nundu Bay (M) Anthem of Guidance Arcane Zeal
Yatendi Canyons Pious Renewal
Vehtendi Valley
Forum Highlands ▢ (Q) "Incoming!"
Holdings of Chokhin
The Mirror of Lyss ▢ (Q) Anthem of Guidan. Ebon Dust Aura
Resplendent Makuun Song of Purification
Wilderness of Bahdza "Incoming!"
Dasha Vestibule (M) Angelic Bond Zealous Vow
Dzagonur Bastion (M) Anthem of Guidance
Garden of Seborhin Song of Restoration
Vehjin Mines Song of Purification Wounding Strike
Hidden City of Ahdas. Angelic Bond Zealous Vow
▢ (Q) Vow of Silence
The Desolation
Sulfurous Wastes Vow of Silence
Gate of Desolation (M) Soldier's Fury Vow of Silence
Joko's Domain Soldier's Fury
Shattered Ravines
The Alkali Pan "It's just a flesh w."
The Ruptured Heart "The Power Is Yours!"
Crystal Overlook
Poisoned Outcrops ▢ (Q) Anthem of Guid.
Realm of Torment
Nightfallen Jahai Anthem of Fury ▢ (Q) Arcane Zeal
▢ (Q) Onslaught
Gate of Pain (M)
Domain of Pain Arcane Zeal
Domain of Fear Stunning Strike
Domain of Secrets
Gate of Madness (M)
Depths of Madness

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