Nightfall Elite skill locations

Cliffs of Dohjok
Issnur IslesIcy Shackles
Consulate Docks (M)Master of Magic
Marga CoastExtend Conditions Elemental Attunem.Shadow Meld
Secure the Refuge
Arkjok Ward Enchanter's Conund.▢ (Q) Lightning SurgeDestructive W. Glaive
Barbarous ShoreSimple ThieveryWielder's Zeal
Dejarin EstateWay of the AssassinWeapon of Fury
The Floodplain of M.Icy ShacklesHidden Caltrops
Jahai BluffsMaster of Magic
Kodonur Crossroads (M)
Pogahn Passage (M)Enchanter's Conund.Master of Magic
Rilohn Refuge (M)Sandstorm
Moddok Crevice (M)
Bahdok CavernsStone Sheath
Sunward MarchesCrippling AnguishLightning Surge
Turai's ProcessionMantra of RecoverySearing Flames
Nundu Bay (M)Invoke Lightning
Yatendi CanyonsTeaseMaster of Magic
Invoke Lightning
Vehtendi ValleyCrippling AnguishWastrel's CollapseWeapon of Fury
Forum HighlandsSearing FlamesSpirit's Strength
Holdings of ChokhinLightning SurgeFox's Promise
The Mirror of LyssEnergy Surge
Resplendent MakuunMind Burn
Wilderness of BahdzaVisions of RegretBlinding Surge
Dasha Vestibule (M)Searing Flames
Dzagonur Bastion (M)Invoke Lightning
Garden of Seborhin Air of Disenchantm.
Vehjin Mines
Hidden City of Ahdas.Energy Surge▢ (Q) Mind Burn
The Desolation
Sulfurous WastesSavannah Heat
▢ (Q) Invoke Lightning
Weapon of Remedy
Gate of Desolation (M)Hex Eater Vortex
Joko's DomainEchoObsidian FleshShadow Prison
Shattered Ravines
The Alkali PanHex Eater Vortex
The Ruptured HeartEnergy Drain
Crystal OverlookShattering Assault Signet of Ghostly M.
Poisoned OutcropsSandstorm
Ether Prism
Reclaim Essence
Realm of Torment
Nightfallen JahaiSignet of IllusionsAssault Enchantments
Mark of Insecurity
Gate of Pain (M)Ether Prism
Domain of PainPower Flux
Domain of Fear▢ (Q) Power FluxMind Freeze
Domain of SecretsSymbols of InspirationMind Blast
▢ (Q) Mind Burn
▢ (Q) Shattering AssaultOffering of Spirit
Caretaker's Charge
Gate of Madness (M)Invoke Lightning
Depths of MadnessGolden Skull StrikeXinrae's Weapon

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