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Nightfall Elite skill locations

Cliffs of Dohjok▢ (Q) "You're All Alone!"▢ (Q) Balthazar's Pend.▢ (Q) Reaper's Mark
Issnur Isles▢ (Q) Ravenous Gaze
Consulate Docks (M)Magehunter Strike
Marga CoastCleaveBurning ArrowLight of Deliverance
Secure the Refuge
Arkjok WardHeadbutt
Rage of the Ntouka
▢ (Q) BarrageDepravity
Barbarous Shore"You're All Alone!"
Dejarin EstateMagehunter StrikeInfuriating Heat
The Floodplain of M.DecapitateQuick Shot
Ferocious Strike
Signet of RemovalContagion
Tainted Flesh
Jahai BluffsDevastating HammerRampage as OneRavenous Gaze
Kodonur Crossroads (M)Smoke TrapZealous BenedictionBlood is Power
Pogahn Passage (M)Magehunter Strike
Rilohn Refuge (M)
Moddok Crevice (M)CleaveLight of Deliverance
Bahdok CavernsBalthazar's PendulumReaper's Mark
Grenth's Balance
Sunward MarchesCrippling Slash
Turai's ProcessionStrike as One
▢ (Q) Infuriating Heat
Glimmer of Light▢ (Q) Corrupt Enchantment
Nundu Bay (M)Spell Breaker
Yatendi CanyonsBlood is Power
Corrupt Enchantment
Vehtendi ValleySteady Stance
Forum HighlandsMagehunter's SmashFerocious StrikeZealous Benediction▢ (Q) Contagion
Holdings of ChokhinEscapeShield of Regen.
The Mirror of LyssCharging Strike
Resplendent MakuunExpert's DexterityHealer's Boon
Wilderness of BahdzaContagion
Toxic Chill
Dasha Vestibule (M)
Dzagonur Bastion (M)Magehunter's SmashSpell Breaker
Garden of SeborhinWord of HealingContagion
Vehjin Mines"Charge!"▢ (Q) Spell Breaker Pain of Disenchant.
Hidden City of Ahdas.Escape
The Desolation
Sulfurous Wastes▢ (Q) Magehunter's SmashOrder of Undeath
▢ (Q) Corrupt Enchant.
Gate of Desolation (M)Soldier's StanceSignet of Suffering
Joko's DomainSoldier's Stance▢ (Q) Spell Breaker
The Shattered RavinesQuicksand
Smoke Trap
Magebane Shot
The Alkali PanSpike TrapDivert Hexes
The Ruptured HeartScavenger's FocusSignet of Judgment▢ (Q) Corrupt Enchant.
Crystal OverlookScribe's InsightPlague Signet
Poisoned OutcropsSignet of Suffering
Realm of Torment
Nightfallen Jahai▢ (Q) Hundred Blades▢ (Q) Magebane Shot▢ (Q) Signet of Judgment▢ (Q) Jagged Bones
Gate of Pain (M)
Domain of PainBattle RageBarrageHealer's Covenant
Domain of FearPrepared ShotDefender's Zeal
Domain of SecretsLingering Curse
Gate of Madness (M)Magehunter's Smash
Depths of MadnessHundred BladesSpell BreakerJagged Bones

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