Factions Elite skill locations

Kaineng City
Raisu Palace (M)Arcane LanguorStar BurstShroud of SilenceDefiant Was Xinrae
Raisu PalaceArcane LanguorStar BurstShroud of SilenceSoul Twisting
Bukdek BywayExpel Hexes▢ (Q) Elemental AttunementPalm Strike
Wajjun BazaarDouble Dragon
The UndercityShatter StormMind Freeze
Elemental Attunement
▢ (Q) Double Dragon
▢ (Q) Flashing Blades
Vizunah Square (M)Stolen SpeedMind BurnShadow FormWeapon of Quickening
Dragon's Throat (M)Stolen SpeedMind BurnShadow FormWeapon of Quickening
Shadow's Passage
Nahpui Quarter (M)Lyssa's AuraLightning Surge
Nahpui Quarter
Xaquang SkywaySeeping WoundTranquil Was Tanasen
Tahnnakai Temple (M)Arcane LanguorStar BurstShroud of SilenceDefiant Was Xinrae
Tahnnakai TempleWanderlust
Shenzun TunnelsStolen SpeedMind BurnFlashing BladesSpirit Channeling
Sunjiang District (M)Psychic DistractionMirror of IceTemple StrikeSoul Twisting
Sunjiang DistrictPsychic DistractionMirror of IceShadow Form
Pongmei ValleyAssassin's PromiseWeapon of Quickening
Echovald Forest
Arborstone (M)Energy SurgeShatterstone
Altrumm Ruins (M)Shockwave
FerndaleMantra of RecoveryEnergy BoonBeguiling Haze
Aura of Displacement
Signet of Spirits
Drazach ThicketCrippling AnguishAttuned Was Songkai
Clamor of Souls
Melandru's HopeLocust's FurySpirit Light Weapon
The Eternal Grove (M)Shadow FormWeapon of Quickening
The Eternal GroveEchoShatterstoneMoebius StrikePreservation
Ritual Lord
Morostav TrailShockwaveBeguiling HazeSoul Twisting
Mourning Veil Falls Recurring Insecur.
Shared Burden
Energy Surge
Obsidian Flesh
Dark ApostasyVengeful Was Khanhei
Jade Sea
Boreas Seabed (M)Power LeechMind Burn
Boreas SeabedWay of the Empty Palm
ArchipelagosEnergy DrainSecond WindGrasping W. Kuurong
Maishang HillsUnsteady Ground
Lightning Surge
Siphon Strength
Mount QinkaiConsume Soul
Gyala HatcheryEchoShockwave
Obsidian Flesh
Beguiling HazePreservation
Rhea's Crater Recurring Insecur.ShatterstoneDark ApostasyVengeful Was Khanhei
Silent SurfShared BurdenGustTemple StrikeRitual Lord
Unwaking Waters (M)Stolen SpeedMind BurnShadow FormWeapon of Quickening
Unwaking WatersPsychic InstabilityRide the LightningShadow Shroud

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