Factions Elite skill locations

Kaineng City
Raisu Palace (M)Auspicious ParryFamineSpell BreakerWail of Doom
Raisu PalaceAuspicious ParryFamineSpell BreakerWail of Doom
Bukdek Byway▢ (Q) Enraged Smash
Triple Chop
Wajjun BazaarQuivering Blade▢ (Q) Word of Censure
The UndercityRay of Judgment
▢ (Q) Martyr
Order of Apostasy
Blood is Power
Vizunah Square (M)Enraged SmashBroad Head ArrowRay of JudgmentOrder of Apostasy
Dragon's Throat (M)Enraged SmashBroad Head ArrowRay of JudgmentOrder of Apostasy
Shadow's PassageEnraged Smash
Nahpui Quarter (M)Signet of JudgmentGrenth's Balance
Nahpui QuarterEnraged Lunge
Xaquang SkywayWord of HealingAnimate Flesh Golem
Tahnnakai Temple (M)Auspicious ParryFamineSpell BreakerWail of Doom
Tahnnakai Temple
Shenzun TunnelsMartyr
Sunjiang District (M)Hundred BladesEquinoxLife SheathSoul Bind
Sunjiang DistrictHundred BladesEquinox
Broad Head Arrow
Life SheathSoul Bind
Pongmei ValleyBattle RageSpike Trap
Echovald Forest
Arborstone (M)Forceful BlowLacerateVampiric Spirit
ArborstoneForceful BlowLacerate Shield of Regenerat.Vampiric Spirit
Lingering Curse
Altrumm Ruins (M)Forceful Blow Shield of Regenerat.Weaken Knees
FerndaleShoveBoon SignetPlague Signet
Drazach ThicketBarrageIcy Veins
Melandru's HopeArcher's Signet
Heal as One
Empathic RemovalWeaken Knees
The Eternal Grove (M)Enraged Smash
The Eternal GroveDevastating HammerHealing Burst
Air of Enchantment
Morostav TrailPrimal Rage
Glass Arrows
Quick Shot
Cultist's Fervor
Tainted Flesh
Mourning Veil FallsCleaveSpoil Victor
Jade Sea
Boreas Seabed (M)Dragon SlashBarrage
Broad Head Arrow
Life Sheath
Boreas SeabedWhirling Axe
Dragon Slash
Ferocious Strike
ArchipelagosMelandru's ShotHealing Light
Blessed Light
▢ (Q) Discord
Maishang HillsEscapeDiscord
Mount Qinkai"Coward!"
▢ (Q) Battle Rage
Trapper's FocusWithdraw Hexes
Gyala HatcheryPrimal Rage
Tainted Flesh
Rhea's CraterCleaveGlass ArrowsHealing BurstCultist's Fervor
Silent SurfDevastating HammerQuick ShotAir of Enchantment
Signet of Judgment
Spoil Victor
Unwaking Waters (M)Broad Head ArrowOrder of Apostasy
Unwaking Waters"Charge!"Cultist's Fervor

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