Eye of the North Elite skill locations

Far Shiverpeaks
Ice Cliff ChasmsPrepared Shot
Attack on Jalis's CampCleaveMelandru's ArrowsJagged BonesCrippling Anguish
Norrhart DomainsSkull Crack
Crippling Slash
Drakkar LakeCleave
Skull Crack
Crippling ShotLyssa's Aura
Sepulchre of Dragrimmar
Varajar FellsEarthshaker▢ (Q) Life Transfer
Bjora MarchesEviscerate
Darkrime DelvesSkull Crack
Jaga Moraine▢ (Q) Dwarven Battle Stance▢ (Q) Healing LightJagged Bones
Frostmaw's Burrows
Verdant Cascades▢ (Q) Gladiator's DefenseGlass ArrowsWithdraw HexesMigraine
Heart of the ShiverpeaksRay of JudgmentVirulence
Toxic Chill
Raven's Point
Charr Homelands
Grothmar WardownsBarrage Life Sheath
Ooze Pit
Dalada UplandsHeadbutt
Shield of Regeneration
Cathedral of FlamesLife Transfer
Jagged Bones
Corrupt Enchantment
Power Block
Sacnoth Valley▢ (Q) Forceful Blow
▢ (Q) Eviscerate
Battle Rage
Life Transfer
▢ (Q) Reaper's Mark
Power Block
Catacombs of KathandraxFlourish
Rragar's MenagerieScavenger's FocusToxic ChillEnergy Surge
Tarnished Coast
Riven EarthCrippling Shot
▢ (Q) Shield of Regeneration
Sparkfly SwampCrippling Slash▢ (Q) Grenth's BalanceMigraine
Alcazia Tangle▢ (Q) Melandru's ResilienceIneptitude
Arbor BayWord of HealingCrippling Anguish
Magus StonesDragon Slash
Steady Stance
Enraged LungePlague SignetCrippling Anguish
▢ (Q) Mantra of Recall
Arachni's HauntCrippling Shot
Oola's Lab
Shards of Orr
Bloodstone Caves

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