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See also Elite skills by capture location (printable) and Skills by capture location (best for online viewing).

Prophecies Elite skill locations

Dragon's Gullet▢ (Q) Eviscerate▢ (Q) Greater Conflag.
▢ (Q) Melandru's Resil.
▢ (Q) Wither
▢ (Q) Life Transfer
North Kryta Prov.▢ (Q) Wither
Maguuma Jungle
Tangle Root▢ (Q) Wither
Crystal Desert
Prophet's PathMark of Protection
Dunes of Despair (M)Warrior's EnduranceMarksman's WagerWord of HealingOrder of the Vampire
Thirsty River (M)Warrior's EnduranceMarksman's WagerWord of HealingOrder of the Vampire
Elona Reach (M)Warrior's EnduranceMarksman's WagerWord of HealingOrder of the Vampire
Salt Flats
Dragon's Lair (M)Gladiator's DefenseMelandru's Resil.Shield of RegenerationGrenth's Balance
S. Shiverpeaks
Lornar's PassDefy PainLife BarrierOffering of Blood
Dreadnought's DriftFeast of Corruption
Snake DanceEarth Shaker
Battle Rage
Punishing Shot
Peace and Harmony
Spell Breaker
Signet of Judgment
Blood is Power
Spiteful Spirit
Grenth's FootprintDwarven Battle St.Melandru's ArrowsMark of ProtectionFeast of Corruption
Offering of Blood
Sorrow's FurnaceBull's Charge
Dwarven Battle St.
Melandru's ArrowsMark of Protection
Talus Chute"Victory is Mine!"
Battle Rage
Poison Arrow
Signet of Judgment
Unyielding Aura
Spiteful Spirit
Plague Signet
Ice Caves of Sorrow (M)CleaveMark of ProtectionOffering of Blood
Witman's Folly"Victory is Mine!"Poison ArrowUnyielding AuraPlague Signet
Ice FloeDevastating HammerOath ShotAura of Faith
Signet of Judgment
Life Transfer
Thunderhead Keep (M)Cleave
Devastating Hammer
Melandru's Arrows
Oath Shot
Aura of Faith
Mark of Protection
Life Transfer
Offering of Blood
Frozen ForestCleave
Defy Pain
Melandru's ArrowsLife Barrier
Mark of Protection
▢ (Q) Grenth's Balance
Offering of Blood
Iron Mines of Moladune (M)Cleave
Devastating Hammer
Dwarven Battle Stance
Oath Shot
Mark of Protection
Signet of Judgment
Life Transfer
Spiteful Spirit
Spearhead Peak"Victory is Mine!"
Skull Crack
Ferocious Strike
Poison Arrow
Unyielding AuraPlague Signet
Mineral SpringsFlourishPracticed StanceShield of JudgmentWell of Power
▢ (Q) Wither
Ring of Fire
Perdition Rock"Charge!"
Bull's Charge
Quick Shot
Crippling Shot
Healing Hands
Lingering Curse
Tainted Flesh
Ring of Fire (M)Backbreaker
Devastating Hammer
Incendiary Arrows
Oath Shot
Spike Trap
Aura of Faith
Shield of Deflection
Life Transfer
Abaddon's Mouth (M)Devastating HammerBarrage
Oath Shot
Aura of Faith
Restore Condition
Life Transfer
Soul Leech
Hell's Precipice (M)Eviscerate
Hundred Blades
Greater ConflagrationAura of the Lich

Prophecies Elite skill locations'

Dragon's Gullet▢ (Q) Energy Drain
▢ (Q) Panic
North Kryta Prov.
Maguuma Jungle
Tangle Root
Crystal Desert
Prophet's Path
Dunes of Despair (M)Mantra of RecoveryEther Renewal
Thirsty River (M)Mantra of RecoveryEther Renewal
Elona Reach (M)Mantra of RecoveryEther Renewal
Salt Flats▢ (Q) Crippling Anguish
Dragon's Lair (M)Mantra of RecallLightning Surge
S. Shiverpeaks
Lornar's PassCrippling AnguishWater Trident
Dreadnought's Drift
Snake DanceIllusionary Weaponry
Mantra of Recall
Mind Shock
Mist Form
Grenth's FootprintCrippling AnguishWater Trident
Sorrow's FurnaceCrippling Anguish
Talus ChuteIllusionary WeaponryMist Form
Glimmering Mark
Ice Caves of Sorrow (M)Crippling AnguishWater Trident
Witman's FollyEnergy DrainGlimmering Mark
Mind Freeze
Ice FloeEnergy Drain
Energy Surge
Mind Freeze
Thunderhead Keep (M)Crippling Anguish#Thunderclap
Water Trident
Frozen ForestCrippling AnguishWard Against Harm
Water Trident
Iron Mines of Moladune (M)Energy Surge
Illusionary Weaponry
Mist Form
Spearhead PeakKeystone Signet
Energy Drain
Glimmering Mark
Mind Freeze
Mineral SpringsIneptitudeGlyph of Energy
Mist Form
Ring of Fire
Perdition RockEcho
Power Block
Signet of Midnight
Glyph of Renewal
Elemental Attunement
Obsidian Flesh
Ring of Fire (M)Energy Surge
Ether Prodigy
Mist Form
Abaddon's Mouth (M)Energy Surge
Fevered Dreams
Mist Form
Hell's Precipice (M)PanicMind Burn

Factions Elite skill locations

Kaineng City
Raisu Palace (M)Auspicious ParryFamineSpell BreakerWail of Doom
Raisu PalaceAuspicious ParryFamineSpell BreakerWail of Doom
Bukdek Byway▢ (Q) Enraged Smash
Triple Chop
Wajjun BazaarQuivering Blade▢ (Q) Word of Censure
The UndercityRay of Judgment
▢ (Q) Martyr
Order of Apostasy
Blood is Power
Vizunah Square (M)Enraged SmashBroad Head ArrowRay of JudgmentOrder of Apostasy
Dragon's Throat (M)Enraged SmashBroad Head ArrowRay of JudgmentOrder of Apostasy
Shadow's PassageEnraged Smash
Nahpui Quarter (M)Signet of JudgmentGrenth's Balance
Nahpui QuarterEnraged Lunge
Xaquang SkywayWord of HealingAnimate Flesh Golem
Tahnnakai Temple (M)Auspicious ParryFamineSpell BreakerWail of Doom
Tahnnakai Temple
Shenzun TunnelsMartyr
Sunjiang District (M)Hundred BladesEquinoxLife SheathSoul Bind
Sunjiang DistrictHundred BladesEquinox
Broad Head Arrow
Life SheathSoul Bind
Pongmei ValleyBattle RageSpike Trap
Echovald Forest
Arborstone (M)Forceful BlowLacerateVampiric Spirit
ArborstoneForceful BlowLacerate Shield of Regenerat.Vampiric Spirit
Lingering Curse
Altrumm Ruins (M)Forceful Blow Shield of Regenerat.Weaken Knees
FerndaleShoveBoon SignetPlague Signet
Drazach ThicketBarrageIcy Veins
Melandru's HopeArcher's Signet
Heal as One
Empathic RemovalWeaken Knees
The Eternal Grove (M)Enraged Smash
The Eternal GroveDevastating HammerHealing Burst
Air of Enchantment
Morostav TrailPrimal Rage
Glass Arrows
Quick Shot
Cultist's Fervor
Tainted Flesh
Mourning Veil FallsCleaveSpoil Victor
Jade Sea
Boreas Seabed (M)Dragon SlashBarrage
Broad Head Arrow
Life Sheath
Boreas SeabedWhirling Axe
Dragon Slash
Ferocious Strike
ArchipelagosMelandru's ShotHealing Light
Blessed Light
▢ (Q) Discord
Maishang HillsEscapeDiscord
Mount Qinkai"Coward!"
▢ (Q) Battle Rage
Trapper's FocusWithdraw Hexes
Gyala HatcheryPrimal Rage
Tainted Flesh
Rhea's CraterCleaveGlass ArrowsHealing BurstCultist's Fervor
Silent SurfDevastating HammerQuick ShotAir of Enchantment
Signet of Judgment
Spoil Victor
Unwaking Waters (M)Broad Head ArrowOrder of Apostasy
Unwaking Waters"Charge!"Cultist's Fervor

Factions Elite skill locations

Kaineng City
Raisu Palace (M)Arcane LanguorStar BurstShroud of SilenceDefiant Was Xinrae
Raisu PalaceArcane LanguorStar BurstShroud of SilenceSoul Twisting
Bukdek BywayExpel Hexes▢ (Q) Elemental AttunementPalm Strike
Wajjun BazaarDouble Dragon
The UndercityShatter StormMind Freeze
Elemental Attunement
▢ (Q) Double Dragon
▢ (Q) Flashing Blades
Vizunah Square (M)Stolen SpeedMind BurnShadow FormWeapon of Quickening
Dragon's Throat (M)Stolen SpeedMind BurnShadow FormWeapon of Quickening
Shadow's Passage
Nahpui Quarter (M)Lyssa's AuraLightning Surge
Nahpui Quarter
Xaquang SkywaySeeping WoundTranquil Was Tanasen
Tahnnakai Temple (M)Arcane LanguorStar BurstShroud of SilenceDefiant Was Xinrae
Tahnnakai TempleWanderlust
Shenzun TunnelsStolen SpeedMind BurnFlashing BladesSpirit Channeling
Sunjiang District (M)Psychic DistractionMirror of IceTemple StrikeSoul Twisting
Sunjiang DistrictPsychic DistractionMirror of IceShadow Form
Pongmei ValleyAssassin's PromiseWeapon of Quickening
Echovald Forest
Arborstone (M)Energy SurgeShatterstone
Altrumm Ruins (M)Shockwave
FerndaleMantra of RecoveryEnergy BoonBeguiling Haze
Aura of Displacement
Signet of Spirits
Drazach ThicketCrippling AnguishAttuned Was Songkai
Clamor of Souls
Melandru's HopeLocust's FurySpirit Light Weapon
The Eternal Grove (M)Shadow FormWeapon of Quickening
The Eternal GroveEchoShatterstoneMoebius StrikePreservation
Ritual Lord
Morostav TrailShockwaveBeguiling HazeSoul Twisting
Mourning Veil Falls Recurring Insecur.
Shared Burden
Energy Surge
Obsidian Flesh
Dark ApostasyVengeful Was Khanhei
Jade Sea
Boreas Seabed (M)Power LeechMind Burn
Boreas SeabedWay of the Empty Palm
ArchipelagosEnergy DrainSecond WindGrasping W. Kuurong
Maishang HillsUnsteady Ground
Lightning Surge
Siphon Strength
Mount QinkaiConsume Soul
Gyala HatcheryEchoShockwave
Obsidian Flesh
Beguiling HazePreservation
Rhea's Crater Recurring Insecur.ShatterstoneDark ApostasyVengeful Was Khanhei
Silent SurfShared BurdenGustTemple StrikeRitual Lord
Unwaking Waters (M)Stolen SpeedMind BurnShadow FormWeapon of Quickening
Unwaking WatersPsychic InstabilityRide the LightningShadow Shroud

Nightfall Elite skill locations

Cliffs of Dohjok▢ (Q) "You're All Alone!"▢ (Q) Balthazar's Pend.▢ (Q) Reaper's Mark
Issnur Isles▢ (Q) Ravenous Gaze
Consulate Docks (M)Magehunter Strike
Marga CoastCleaveBurning ArrowLight of Deliverance
Secure the Refuge
Arkjok WardHeadbutt
Rage of the Ntouka
▢ (Q) BarrageDepravity
Barbarous Shore"You're All Alone!"
Dejarin EstateMagehunter StrikeInfuriating Heat
The Floodplain of M.DecapitateQuick Shot
Ferocious Strike
Signet of RemovalContagion
Tainted Flesh
Jahai BluffsDevastating HammerRampage as OneRavenous Gaze
Kodonur Crossroads (M)Smoke TrapZealous BenedictionBlood is Power
Pogahn Passage (M)Magehunter Strike
Rilohn Refuge (M)
Moddok Crevice (M)CleaveLight of Deliverance
Bahdok CavernsBalthazar's PendulumReaper's Mark
Grenth's Balance
Sunward MarchesCrippling Slash
Turai's ProcessionStrike as One
▢ (Q) Infuriating Heat
Glimmer of Light▢ (Q) Corrupt Enchantment
Nundu Bay (M)Spell Breaker
Yatendi CanyonsBlood is Power
Corrupt Enchantment
Vehtendi ValleySteady Stance
Forum HighlandsMagehunter's SmashFerocious StrikeZealous Benediction▢ (Q) Contagion
Holdings of ChokhinEscapeShield of Regen.
The Mirror of LyssCharging Strike
Resplendent MakuunExpert's DexterityHealer's Boon
Wilderness of BahdzaContagion
Toxic Chill
Dasha Vestibule (M)
Dzagonur Bastion (M)Magehunter's SmashSpell Breaker
Garden of SeborhinWord of HealingContagion
Vehjin Mines"Charge!"▢ (Q) Spell Breaker Pain of Disenchant.
Hidden City of Ahdas.Escape
The Desolation
Sulfurous Wastes▢ (Q) Magehunter's SmashOrder of Undeath
▢ (Q) Corrupt Enchant.
Gate of Desolation (M)Soldier's StanceSignet of Suffering
Joko's DomainSoldier's Stance▢ (Q) Spell Breaker
The Shattered RavinesQuicksand
Smoke Trap
Magebane Shot
The Alkali PanSpike TrapDivert Hexes
The Ruptured HeartScavenger's FocusSignet of Judgment▢ (Q) Corrupt Enchant.
Crystal OverlookScribe's InsightPlague Signet
Poisoned OutcropsSignet of Suffering
Realm of Torment
Nightfallen Jahai▢ (Q) Hundred Blades▢ (Q) Magebane Shot▢ (Q) Signet of Judgment▢ (Q) Jagged Bones
Gate of Pain (M)
Domain of PainBattle RageBarrageHealer's Covenant
Domain of FearPrepared ShotDefender's Zeal
Domain of SecretsLingering Curse
Gate of Madness (M)Magehunter's Smash
Depths of MadnessHundred BladesSpell BreakerJagged Bones

Nightfall Elite skill locations

Cliffs of Dohjok
Issnur IslesIcy Shackles
Consulate Docks (M)Master of Magic
Marga CoastExtend Conditions Elemental Attunem.Shadow Meld
Secure the Refuge
Arkjok Ward Enchanter's Conund.▢ (Q) Lightning SurgeDestructive W. Glaive
Barbarous ShoreSimple ThieveryWielder's Zeal
Dejarin EstateWay of the AssassinWeapon of Fury
The Floodplain of M.Icy ShacklesHidden Caltrops
Jahai BluffsMaster of Magic
Kodonur Crossroads (M)
Pogahn Passage (M)Enchanter's Conund.Master of Magic
Rilohn Refuge (M)Sandstorm
Moddok Crevice (M)
Bahdok CavernsStone Sheath
Sunward MarchesCrippling AnguishLightning Surge
Turai's ProcessionMantra of RecoverySearing Flames
Nundu Bay (M)Invoke Lightning
Yatendi CanyonsTeaseMaster of Magic
Invoke Lightning
Vehtendi ValleyCrippling AnguishWastrel's CollapseWeapon of Fury
Forum HighlandsSearing FlamesSpirit's Strength
Holdings of ChokhinLightning SurgeFox's Promise
The Mirror of LyssEnergy Surge
Resplendent MakuunMind Burn
Wilderness of BahdzaVisions of RegretBlinding Surge
Dasha Vestibule (M)Searing Flames
Dzagonur Bastion (M)Invoke Lightning
Garden of Seborhin Air of Disenchantm.
Vehjin Mines
Hidden City of Ahdas.Energy Surge▢ (Q) Mind Burn
The Desolation
Sulfurous WastesSavannah Heat
▢ (Q) Invoke Lightning
Weapon of Remedy
Gate of Desolation (M)Hex Eater Vortex
Joko's DomainEchoObsidian FleshShadow Prison
Shattered Ravines
The Alkali PanHex Eater Vortex
The Ruptured HeartEnergy Drain
Crystal OverlookShattering Assault Signet of Ghostly M.
Poisoned OutcropsSandstorm
Ether Prism
Reclaim Essence
Realm of Torment
Nightfallen JahaiSignet of IllusionsAssault Enchantments
Mark of Insecurity
Gate of Pain (M)Ether Prism
Domain of PainPower Flux
Domain of Fear▢ (Q) Power FluxMind Freeze
Domain of SecretsSymbols of InspirationMind Blast
▢ (Q) Mind Burn
▢ (Q) Shattering AssaultOffering of Spirit
Caretaker's Charge
Gate of Madness (M)Invoke Lightning
Depths of MadnessGolden Skull StrikeXinrae's Weapon

Nightfall Elite skill locations

Location Paragon Dervish
Cliffs of Dohjok ▢ (Q) Crippling Anthem ▢ (Q) Vow of Strength
Issnur Isles
Consulate Docks (M) Cautery Signet Pious Renewal
Marga Coast Avatar of Melandru
Grenth's Grasp
Secure the Refuge ▢ (Q) Cruel Spear
Arkjok Ward Cruel Spear Avatar of Grenth
Barbarous Shore Crippling Anthem Vow of Strength
Dejarin Estate Cautery Signet Avatar of Dwayna
The Floodplain of M. ▢ (Q) Grenth's Grasp
Jahai Bluffs Defensive Anthem Avatar of Balthazar
Kodonur Crossroads (M) Cautery Signet Pious Renewal
Pogahn Passage (M) Cautery Signet
Rilohn Refuge (M)
Moddok Crevice (M) Cruel Spear
Bahdok Caverns Focused Anger Zealous Vow
Sunward Marches Reaper's Sweep
Avatar of Lyssa
Turai's Procession
Nundu Bay (M) Anthem of Guidance Arcane Zeal
Yatendi Canyons Pious Renewal
Vehtendi Valley
Forum Highlands ▢ (Q) "Incoming!"
Holdings of Chokhin
The Mirror of Lyss ▢ (Q) Anthem of Guidan. Ebon Dust Aura
Resplendent Makuun Song of Purification
Wilderness of Bahdza "Incoming!"
Dasha Vestibule (M) Angelic Bond Zealous Vow
Dzagonur Bastion (M) Anthem of Guidance
Garden of Seborhin Song of Restoration
Vehjin Mines Song of Purification Wounding Strike
Hidden City of Ahdas. Angelic Bond Zealous Vow
▢ (Q) Vow of Silence
The Desolation
Sulfurous Wastes Vow of Silence
Gate of Desolation (M) Soldier's Fury Vow of Silence
Joko's Domain Soldier's Fury
Shattered Ravines
The Alkali Pan "It's just a flesh w."
The Ruptured Heart "The Power Is Yours!"
Crystal Overlook
Poisoned Outcrops ▢ (Q) Anthem of Guid.
Realm of Torment
Nightfallen Jahai Anthem of Fury ▢ (Q) Arcane Zeal
▢ (Q) Onslaught
Gate of Pain (M)
Domain of Pain Arcane Zeal
Domain of Fear Stunning Strike
Domain of Secrets
Gate of Madness (M)
Depths of Madness

Eye of the North Elite skill locations

Far Shiverpeaks
Ice Cliff ChasmsPrepared Shot
Attack on Jalis's CampCleaveMelandru's ArrowsJagged BonesCrippling Anguish
Norrhart DomainsSkull Crack
Crippling Slash
Drakkar LakeCleave
Skull Crack
Crippling ShotLyssa's Aura
Sepulchre of Dragrimmar
Varajar FellsEarthshaker▢ (Q) Life Transfer
Bjora MarchesEviscerate
Darkrime DelvesSkull Crack
Jaga Moraine▢ (Q) Dwarven Battle Stance▢ (Q) Healing LightJagged Bones
Frostmaw's Burrows
Verdant Cascades▢ (Q) Gladiator's DefenseGlass ArrowsWithdraw HexesMigraine
Heart of the ShiverpeaksRay of JudgmentVirulence
Toxic Chill
Raven's Point
Charr Homelands
Grothmar WardownsBarrage Life Sheath
Ooze Pit
Dalada UplandsHeadbutt
Shield of Regeneration
Cathedral of FlamesLife Transfer
Jagged Bones
Corrupt Enchantment
Power Block
Sacnoth Valley▢ (Q) Forceful Blow
▢ (Q) Eviscerate
Battle Rage
Life Transfer
▢ (Q) Reaper's Mark
Power Block
Catacombs of KathandraxFlourish
Rragar's MenagerieScavenger's FocusToxic ChillEnergy Surge
Tarnished Coast
Riven EarthCrippling Shot
▢ (Q) Shield of Regeneration
Sparkfly SwampCrippling Slash▢ (Q) Grenth's BalanceMigraine
Alcazia Tangle▢ (Q) Melandru's ResilienceIneptitude
Arbor BayWord of HealingCrippling Anguish
Magus StonesDragon Slash
Steady Stance
Enraged LungePlague SignetCrippling Anguish
▢ (Q) Mantra of Recall
Arachni's HauntCrippling Shot
Oola's Lab
Shards of Orr
Bloodstone Caves

Eye of the North Elite skill locations

Far Shiverpeaks
Ice Cliff ChasmsWater Trident
Attack on Jalis's Camp
Norrhart Domains
Drakkar LakeOnslaught
Sepulchre of DragrimmarShatterstone
Varajar FellsMind FreezeReaper's Sweep
Bjora MarchesMind FreezeWounding Strike
Darkrime Delves
Jaga MoraineShockwave
Frostmaw's Burrows
Verdant Cascades
Heart of the ShiverpeaksSong of Restoration
Raven's PointShatterstone
▢ (Q) Invoke Lightning
Wounding Strike
Charr Homelands
Grothmar WardownsRide the Lightning
Ooze PitWater Trident
Elemental Attunement
Dalada UplandsMist Form
▢ (Q) Mind Blast
Cathedral of FlamesEther ProdigySoldier's Fury
▢ (Q) Stunning Strike
Sacnoth ValleySearing Flames
Ward Against Harm
Catacombs of Kathandrax
Rragar's MenagerieStunning Strike
Tarnished Coast
Riven EarthShockwaveAssassin's Promise
Sparkfly SwampEbon Dust Aura
Alcazia TangleGolden Skull StrikeSpirit Light Weapon
Arbor Bay▢ (Q) Weapon of Fury
Magus Stones▢ (Q) Stunning Strike
Arachni's HauntSavannah Heat
Oola's LabElemental Attunement
Shards of OrrBlinding Surge
Bloodstone Caves

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