Elder Oxis
Elder Oxis
Species: Human
Level(s): 20


Elder Oxis briefs players on the Unwaking Waters mission.

Quests Involved In



Mission briefing:

"Now is the time to join forces with the Kurzicks. We must journey into the whirlpool and fight Kuunavang to acquire the power necessary to stop Shiro!
What do you need to know?"

What have the Luxons been doing recently?

"After performing your heroic deeds, you convinced the Luxons to put aside their differences with the Kurzicks. According to Master Togo, it will take the strength of two armies to defeat Shiro once and for all."

What do the Kurzicks and Luxons hope to accomplish here at Unwaking Waters?

"We have come to the whirlpool to receive power from the great dragon Kuunavang. This is where Luxon champion Archemorus, who helped defeat Shiro, received his power from all those years ago."

What advice do you have regarding the upcoming fight against Kuunavang?

"1. Ranged attacks and spells are the only means to hurt Kuunavang.
2. You will have difficulty interrupting her attacks.
3. The dragon will fire corrupted scales at your party. The effect is similar to a Well of Suffering in that it causes Health degeneration while you remain in the area of effect. Destroy the scales quickly so that your party isn't affected by them."

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