Einarr Frostcleft
Einarr Frostcleft
Species: Norn
Profession: Paragon
Level(s): 20
Location in Bjora Marches
from Jaga Moraine
Einarr Frostcleft location from Darkrime
Location in Bjora Marches
from Darkrime Depths


Einarr Frostcleft is a Norn who lives in a settlement in Bjora Marches. He can be found debating with another Norn about their hunting practices. He once slew a great two-headed troll of the See'ahr swamps.

Quests Given

Quests Involved In



"Look within and you will find the potential of a great warrior. Look before you and see the realization."

Quest Reminder Dialogue

"Don't tell us you've lost your nerve? If you don't hunt down the great jotun, we'll go into Darkrime Delves and slay it for you. And then we'll laugh at you."

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