Skill details
Echoing Banishment
Echoing Banishment
Campaign: Factions Monster-icon
Profession: Monster
Attribute: Unlinked
Type: Shout
            40 Recharge

Full: Target foe is banished to the mists and his spirit bound to Shiro. If the spirit binder is destroyed, the spirit is freed.

Concise: Target foe is banished to the mists and his spirit bound to Shiro. If the Spirit Binder is destroyed, the spirit is freed.


  • When Shiro uses this skill, he will shout "<player name>, banished!"
  • The banished party member will be teleported to a separate area representing The Mists. There, the player will have to run up a ramp guarded by Spirits of The Mists, and through a teleporter, to return the the fight with Shiro.
  • In the banished player's place will appear a spirit binder named Bound <profession name>, that will use the same skill set as the Shiro'ken.
  • Destroying the spirit binder will bring back the banished party member, as well as give the party a morale boost, recharging all Celestial skills in the process.
  • When Shiro uses this skill on a Paragon or Dervish, they are replaced with a Bound Warrior.
  • Shiro will never banish heroes, nor a human player partied with only heroes and henchmen.
  • Shiro will never banish the last player in earshot. This means that he can be solo'd with certain builds, as long as other party member stay very far away.

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