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Dzawan Tamer
Species: Human
Profession: Tamer
Level(s): 10

Dzawan is one of the Kournans commoners rescued from Kournan soldiers accusing them of treason for tending to wounded Sunspears.

After the following quest, she becomes a pet tamer, who can remove a character's pet, allowing a new one to be charmed.

Quests Involved In



In Marga Coast

"The Sunspears have been welcome here for decades. My, how times have changed. I was arrested simply for helping a wounded one. My eyes are open now, friend. Changes must be made in Kourna, or none will live free."
"Long have I tamed and trained creatures wild and bizarre. If you require my services, I swear them to you until this land is safe."


  • If you give her your pet, it is impossible to get it back, you must charm a new one.
  • She will pay you 100 Gold if your pet is level 20.

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