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A Dungeon chest spawns after killing the final boss (or boss-like foe) to complete a dungeon. Dungeon chests can drop items that are unique to the dungeon, include certain greens and golds. Chests generally drop one item in normal mode and two in hard mode, in addition to any quest items.

Dungeon chests

Dungeon Chest name Rare Caster Staves Rare Martial Weapons Reputation Points Received(Half Points for repeats)
Catacombs of Kathandrax Chest of Kathandrax Astral Staff Emerald Blade Ebon Vanguard Points
(1500-Normal and 2250-Hard).
Rragar's Menagerie Hidesplitter's Chest Goldhorn Staff Clockwork Scythe
Demon Tongue Scythe
Dryad Bow
Ebon Vanguard Points
(3000-Normal and 4500-Hard).
Cathedral of Flames Murakai's Chest   Notched Blade Ebon Vanguard Points
(1500-Normal and 2250-Hard).
Ooze Pit Prismatic Chest Chrysocola Staff
Prismatic Focus
Cerulean Edge
Dwarven Points
(1000-Normal and 1500-Hard).
Darkrime Delves Havok's Chest Cobalt Staff Stygian Reaver
Violet Edge
Norn Points
(1500-Normal and 2250-Hard).
Frostmaw's Burrows Chest of Burrows Icicle Staff
Bonecage Scythe
Demoncrest Spear
Demon Fangs
Silverwing Recurve Bow
Tentacle Scythe
Norn Points
(3000-Normal and 4500-Hard).
Sepulchre of Dragrimmar Dragrimmar Chest Turquoise Staff   Dwarven Points
(1500-Normal and 2250-Hard).
Raven's Point Destroyer Chest   Aureate Blade
Eaglecrest Axe
Wingcrest Maul
Norn Points
(1500-Normal and 2250-Hard).
Vloxen Excavations Zoldark's Chest Nope Nope Dwarven Points
(1500-Normal and 2250-Hard).
Bogroot Growths Bogroot Chest Frog Scepter
Moldavite Staff
Emerald Edge
Asuran Points
(1000-Normal and 1500-Hard).
Bloodstone Caves Eldritch Chest Ancient Moss Staff
Topaz Scepter
  Dwarven Points
(1500-Normal and 2250-Hard).
Shards of Orr Fendi's Chest Bone Dragon Staff
Suntouched Staff
Golden Hammer
Asuran Points
(3000-Normal and 4500-Hard).
Oola's Lab Oola's Chest Crystal Flame Staff Clockwork Scythe
Signet Shield
Steelhead Scythe
Storm Daggers
(500-Normal and 750-Hard).
Arachni's Haunt Arachni's Spoils Insectoid Staff Insectoid Scythe Asuran Points
(1500-Normal and 2250-Hard).
Slavers' Exile Chest of the Slaver
Hierophant's Chest
Onyx Scepter
Onyx Staff
Amethyst Aegis
Fiery Embersteel Blade
Pyroclastic Axe
Voltaic Spear
Norn Points
(5000-Normal and 7500-Hard).
Fronis Irontoe's Lair Irontoe's Chest Nope Nope Dwarven Points
(500-Normal and 750-Hard).
Secret Lair of the Snowmen Chest of Wintersday Past Nope Nope Dwarven Points
(500-Normal and 750-Hard).
Heart of the Shiverpeaks Mountain Heart Chest Embercrest Staff Singing Blade Dwarven Points
(1500-Normal and 2250-Hard).

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