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Help the Ghostly Hero reclaim his kung fu.

  • Escort the Ghostly Hero to the Ascension Temple.
  • Defeat the Enemy Ghostly Hero with your kung fu.
  • Hold out by defending off any enemy, while the Ghostly Hero performs his ritual chant as he is a Master of being a hero from his kung fu in the past.
  • BONUS Gain more glorious knowledge by defeating the three forgotten generals and their mind controlled minions within their forts.



The Ghostly Hero will follow the person who talks to him, but be careful with this as you do not wish him to get killed. You'd have to redo everything again, if he dies. So to stop him, it must be by the same person that spoke to him. Follow the only path that's set before you. You'll be killing Losarus as there's different versions. Once you've finished clearing the path to this first bridge and I'd suggest all around it, too. Don't forget the Siege Wurms. It'd be wise to use a run skill or have the ghostly hero at a distance. When you talk to him again, he will lower the drawbridge. This might take a few moments for him to do. A suggestion is to feel free to dance while you wait!

There will be a boring cut scene, it'd be wise to skip. Unless, you've not seen it before. It'd be wise to have the Hero to wait. On your path forward, you'll find a mesmer boss. He should not be too hard to kill with your kung fu. Also, note the minions around too. Kill them as well.

Make sure you have everything killed before the bridge, then go get the slow paced Hero. Dance, while he comes up there and lowers the bridge. Then have him to wait, while you go kill everything you can, within. Go get the Hero, and wait for him on the square platform. Make sure you help kill off that Impostor Hero!

At this point you should stop and tell the party to prepare themselves, that is if you're not alone learning your kung fu. If going for the bonus, now is the time to decide upon a strategy as this can be a difficult mission for that. If you have others in the party, make sure they're ready. You don't want to get the Hero to kill the Impostor, if not everyone is ready. When everyone is ready, bring your ghost near the altar to start his ritual or closed minded chant.

During his chant, You will have to defend him and this will usually last about 10 minutes. You will have many Forgotten creatures to fight as well as Wurms to deal with. If you succeed after ten minutes, you can earn the main mission sword. If you are able to kill the three additional bosses, you will earn your Master of kung fu of two swords. If you have succeeded with that, we thank you.


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