Dunes of Despair
Dunes of Despair
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Mission location
Part of: Crystal Desert
Vulture Drifts
Getting to dunes of despair
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For information on the mission, see Dunes of Despair (mission).


The barren desert landscape here is broken only by tall, surprisingly urban-like ruins that mark a people's failed attempt at Ascension. Made of wood from the ships that brought them to the desert's shores and bricks made of sand and mud, the structures have withstood the harsh desert weather surprisingly well. The people who built them, unfortunately did not...

Getting there

Exit from either the Amnoon Oasis, Augury Rock, or Heroes' Audience into Prophet's Path and head south into Vulture Drifts. Dunes of Despair is near the center of this area.



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