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Dune Teardrinker
Dune Teardrinker
Species: Charr
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 20


Polymock player. Involved in the quest Polymock: Defeat Dune Teardrinker



"I learned Polymock from those big-eared creatures. I collected pieces worthy of a great warrior. I eradicated those with the same pieces. I am an original. I am unstoppable! Do you dare to face me?"


  • Dune Teardrinker will always use his pieces in the following order: Charr Shaman, Charr Flamecaller, Titan.
  • Against Dune Teardrinker, it is good strategy to use the Fire Elemental, then the Earth Elemental and then the Kappa.
  • Awards 90 Asuran reputation points upon defeat in tournament play.

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