Duel Master Vaughn
Duel Master Vaughn
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Duel Master Vaughn, as his title implies, oversees the traditional duels between the Great Houses that historically were used to settle disputes but are now used to strengthen fellow Kurzicks against the Luxons. Immediately after accepting his quest, he will head to the location of the duel.

Quests Given



"As far back as any can remember in remember in the glorious history of our peoples, duels have been used as a way to solve political and other... less savory... disagreements. These days, however, they are most often used as a way to train our young ones for battle against the Luxons. As Duel Master, it is my duty to ensure that all duels are carried out according to the laws of our traditions. In ancient times, these duels resulted in the final death of the loser. Of course, the Redemptors long ago determined that this uncivilized behavior was more fitting of those heathen Luxons, and the Council of Nobles agreed. Thus, it is now law to resurrect those who fall in duels."

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