Dreamer Raja
Dreamer Raja
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Dreamer Raja is a friend of Dreamer Hahla and seems to be also of the village of Ronjok. She acts as the mission access NPC for the Nundu Bay mission.

Quests Involved In



"It is through our dreams that the gods speak to us. Dreamers are trained to listen to the messages they send us. In these dark times, nightmares have power and darkness can fall upon the light of a noble mind."
We are ready to end Melonni's nightmares.
"There is only one way to ensure that Abaddon does not gain a foothold. You must destroy the anchors he has sent into Melonni's nightmares. Travel to the Nightfallen Coast and defend Ronjok, while defeating the Harbingers. Little, if anything, in this world can hurt them. Are you prepared?"

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