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Doomlore Shrine
Doomlore Shrine
Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Town
Part of: Charr Homelands
Dalada Uplands


This dark shrine radiates heat and magic, a testament to ancient days of Charr domination and worship to their former gods, the Titans. Now, in the absence of these deities, the shrine has become a haven for the Charr Shaman caste. An entrance at the shrine leads to a sprawling complex beneath known as the Cathedral of Flames.


Getting there




Doomlore Shrine


  • You need to finish the quest The Dawn of Rebellion to enter this town.
  • However, it is possible to run someone to this town. If the party leader has already completed Dawn of Rebellion, there is no enemy force and the town can be entered normally.
  • In the henchmen's area, Mhenlo and Lina are talking and laughing, while Cynn and Herta seem to be having a "girl talk". Cynn occasionally points at Mhenlo and pouts. Zho and Aidan can be seen arguing about their archery skills.

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