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Domain of Pain
Domain of Pain
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Realm of Torment
Gate of Fear
Domain of pain RR
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General Information

Area Name: Domain of Pain

Region: Realm of Torment

Outposts & Cities

  • Gate of Fear
  • Gate of Pain: Can be reached by entering the portal in the far east of the map. You cannot re-enter the Domain of Pain from there however.



Domain of Pain





Shrines and Blessings


  • While in this area you suffer from Dreadful Pain causing 20 damage when activating skills.
  • This is the fleshy area described in articles and concept art.
  • Just outside the entrance to Gate of Fear there is a ruined temple of Balthazar with six dark, non-functional statues.
  • Spells such as Shielding Hands, and Shield of Absorption will subtract damage taken from the environmental effect, Dreadful Pain
  • There is a Treasure chest in the southeastern part of the center structure next to the river of souls.

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