Divine Scroll
Divine Scroll
Divine Scroll2
Weapon details
Linked Attribute(s):Divine Favor
PvP reward type: Fancy
Common:Piles of Glittering Dust
Rare:Rolls of Parchment,
Rolls of Vellum


Divine Scrolls are a type of focus item that is linked to Divine Favor. It is a roughly cylindrical focus with a small oriental-style dragon perched on top.


Factions campaign

Urgoz's Warren

Nightfall campaign

Gate of Madness
Sunspear Sanctuary (during Hunted!)
Battle of Turai's Procession

Eye of the North expansion

Magus Stones
Varajar Fells


Dye affects the entire scroll, except for the inner metal core. It is dyed yellow by default.

Divine Scroll Dye Chart

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