Quest-medium This skill may be earned from a quest. See skill information for details.

Energy Energy requirement

Upkeep Maintenance cost

Activation Activation time

Recharge Recharge time

Divine Favor

Healer's Boon Healer's Boon Elite Enchantment Spell. For 10...46 seconds.[sic] Healing Prayers spells cast 50% faster and heal for 50% more Health.
    5 Energy ¼ Activation 10 Recharge
Holy Haste Holy Haste Enchantment Spell. For 1...48 seconds, your Healing Prayers spells cast 50% faster. This enchantment ends if you cast another enchantment.
    10 Energy 1 Activation 10 Recharge
Scribe's Insight Scribe's Insight Elite Enchantment Spell. For 10...30 seconds, you gain 3 Energy whenever you use a signet.
    5 Energy ¼ Activation 20 Recharge
Watchful Healing Watchful Healing Enchantment Spell. For 10 seconds, target ally gains +1...3 Health regeneration. If this skill ends prematurely, that ally gains 30...102 Health.
    5 Energy 1 Activation 10 Recharge

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