The Divine Aura is a bonus that comes with the Collector's Edition release of the Guild Wars Prophecies campaign. It only comes with the Prophecies Collector's Edition; there is no way to unlock it, despite rumors to the contrary.

According to the box, with Divine Aura, "each character you create manifests the gods' favor with a glowing aura, visible to all." Effectively, this creates a sparkle from the hands of a character while they emote, where the specific color and effect depends upon the character's primary profession:

  • The Warrior's Aura is of Balthazar, a flamelike orange sparkle rising from the Warrior's hands.
  • The Ranger's Aura is of Melandru, with ethereal green butterflies fluttering from the Ranger's hands.
  • The Monk's Aura is of Dwayna, with hands pulsating in blue light with wisps of blue trails left by the Monk's hands.
  • The Elementalist's Aura is of Balthazar, an orange flame filling the Elementalist's palms and trailing with movement. Prior to an earlier update, this aura was of Dwayna, similar to that of the Monk's aura.
  • The Mesmer's Aura is of Lyssa, a pure pink sparkle trailing the quick motions of the Mesmer's hands.
  • The Necromancer's Aura is of Grenth, a green drizzle of sparks destined for the Underworld.
  • The Assassin's Aura is of Lyssa, a pink shuriken glowing in the Assassin's hands.
  • The Ritualist's Aura is of Grenth, hands pulsating square with lightning symbol in aquamarine with wisps of turquoise left in the Ritualist's hands.
  • The Paragon's Aura is of Balthazar, hands pulsating in orange light with trailing crosses.
  • The Dervish's Aura is of Dwayna, hands surrounded by an intermittent blue swirling circle and sparkles.

The Divine Aura is attached to the Collector's Edition CD key. It may not be transferred to other accounts. Adding a collector's edition key to an account that already has Prophecies unlocked will unlock the Divine Auras, but it will not give you any additional character slots. Neither the existing Prophecies key nor the CE key can be re-used after the CE key is added.

The Divine Aura can be used in tandem with the Factions Collector's Edition dances by typing /dance followed by /dancenew. However, attempting to do so with the Nightfall Collector's Edition dances will result in only the Nightfall Collector's Edition dance being displayed.

Examples of Divine Aura

Warrior Divine Aura Ranger Divine Aura
Female Male Female Male
Divine Aura W F Divine Aura W M Divine Aura R F Divine Aura R M

Monk Divine Aura Necromancer Divine Aura
Female Male Female Male
Divine Aura Mo F Divine Aura Mo M Divine Aura N F Divine Aura N M

Mesmer Divine Aura Elementalist Divine Aura
Female Male Female Male
Divine Aura Me F Divine Aura Me M Divine Aura E F Divine Aura E M

Assassin Divine Aura Ritualist Divine Aura
Female Male Female Male
Divine Aura A F Divine Aura A M Divine Aura Rt F Divine Aura Rt M

Paragon Divine Aura Dervish Divine Aura
Female Male Female Male
Divine Aura P F Divine Aura P M Divine Aura D F Divine Aura D M

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